As-Is Bill of Sale (No Warranty)

As-Is or No Warranty are common terms you’ll hear associated with a bill of sale for a used vehicle or boat. 

This page will explain what that means, how to fill one out, and where you can find some free as-is bill of sale templates.

What is an As-Is Bill of Sale?

As-Is on a bill of sale is a way to communicate the type of purchase agreement that the buyer and the seller of a used vehicle have agreed upon. 

As-is means that the vehicle is being sold in its current condition with no warranty or guarantee made by the seller. 

As-is conditions cover all present faults that are visible and known or not. 

Any problems that may arise with the vehicle will be the responsibility of the buyer, not the seller.

Once the buyer and seller both sign the agreement and complete the transaction, the buyer can begin the process of transferring ownership of the vehicle through their state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. 

In a private sale of a used vehicle, an as-is sale is the most common type of transaction. 

Typically, unless otherwise stated on the bill of sale, the transaction status will be assumed to be as-is. 

Used vehicles sold by car dealers may have other stipulations and regulations to adhere to when selling a used car. 

How to Write an As-Is Bill of Sale

In most cases, the bill of sale is as-is by default unless stated otherwise. 

However, it can be a good idea to explicitly state “as-is” or no warranty on the bill of sale for both the buyer and the seller to sign. 

In addition to all of the other required information on the bill of sale, there will also typically be a section for any other details or warranties. 

In the detail section, or anywhere appropriate on the bill of sale form, you can write that the vehicle is being sold as-is with no warranty. 

As-Is Bill of Sale Template

You can use’s free bill of sale template to make your own as-is bill of sale. 

Simply fill out the required information, click generate, and print out copies of your custom bill of sale. 

You can also leave fields blank or print a blank form and fill it out later. 

State DMV No-Warranty Bill of Sale Forms

Some state DMVs have their own bill of sale forms that you can use for your private vehicle transactions. 

To find your state’s official form, please visit our page that compiles bill of sale forms by state.

On that page, you’ll also find a quick overview of the states that require a bill of sale for private vehicle transactions. 

Remember, even if a bill of sale is not a DMV requirement in your state, you should still get one and have it signed by both parties in any used vehicle purchase or sale.