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Search Vehicle Details by License Plate Numbers

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Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply researching a car, truck, or motorcycle in Arkansas, it’s good to have all the details. 

That’s where comes in. 

You can find all sorts of important information about a vehicle from its AR license plate. 

Just like a vehicle identification number (VIN), the license plate number associates a particular car with its registration, title history, details, and current owner. 

If you don’t know a vehicle’s VIN, you can start your search by using this free license plate lookup for Arkansas vehicles.  

After that, you’ll be able to use the information that’s returned to uncover more details about the car. 

How to Reverse Search Arkansas License Plate Numbers

To use our free license plate lookup, you’ll need to:

  • Enter the license plate number into the search bar above. 
  • Select “Arkansas” from the dropdown. 
  • Click the search button. 

If the vehicle is found within the database, you’ll receive useful information about your car, truck, or motorcycle. 

Learn more about what you can find using a license plate lookup.

Find Arkansas Vehicle Owner Information by License Plate

Generally, you cannot find out the personal details or contact information for the owner of a vehicle from a reverse license plate search. 

This information is protected by the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, and is typically reserved for law enforcement or other official state or federal agencies. 

Drivers are able to request their own information directly from the Arkansas Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 

If there is a qualifying reason for the request, they may be able to obtain the details of other owners from the DMV as well.

Contact the Arkansas DMV for further details. 

Where can you find your Arkansas license plate number?

Obviously, the easiest place to find a license plate number is directly on the plate itself. 

Your Arkansas license plate number is the combination of numbers, letters, and other characters that are the largest thing on the license plate.

But, if you had that, you probably wouldn’t be asking where to find it. 

If your vehicle has been stolen, lost, or damaged, and you don’t have access to the license plate, you’re not out of options. 

Fortunately, there are some other places you can look to find your Arkansas license plate number. The main places to check for your license plate number include:

  • The Arkansas certificate of title. 
  • Your registration paperwork. 
  • Your car insurance documents. 
  • The bill of sale, if you bought the vehicle in a private sale. 

If you still cannot find your license plate number from those documents, you may be able to find it using your VIN. 

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