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Calculate Your Monthly Loan Payments

Enter the vehicle price and your financing details to estimate your monthly payments.

Estimated Tesla MSRPs

Looking for some numbers to start with? Check out some of these estimated MSRPs for popular Tesla models to get an idea of how much it will cost to purchase a new or used Tesla.

Tesla ModelEstimated New Vehicle MSRP
Model S$99,900
Model 3$46,990
Model X$114,990
Model Y$62,990
Model S Plaid$135,990
Model X Plaid$138,990

Be sure to compare Tesla dealerships in your area and shop around for the best prices and special offers. 

Tesla Tax, Tag, and Title Fees

In addition to your monthly payments on your car loan, there are some other costs you’ll need to consider when buying a vehicle in Tesla.

Some of these costs are one-time fees, while others need to be paid annually to keep your car legal to drive. 

The main fees to consider when buying a new or used car in Tesla include:

  • Title fees.
  • Sales and use tax. 
  • License plate and registration fees. 
  • Smog inspections, safety inspections, and VIN verifications, if applicable. 

Tesla Car Insurance Cost

Additionally, you’ll need to think about how much your car insurance premiums will cost when you finance a Tesla.

While you’ll always need to carry a policy that meets the minimum amount of liability coverage, most auto lenders will also require that you have a full coverage policy on the vehicle for the duration of the loan. 

A full coverage policy typically includes:

  • Liability coverage. 
  • Comprehensive coverage. 
  • Collision coverage. 

It can also be a smart idea to carry GAP insurance or Total Loss coverage. 

These additional coverages will better protect you financially if your car gets damaged or stolen, but they will increase the price of your premiums. 

Be sure to compare quotes from a few different providers when you need a new insurance policy for your Tesla. This will ensure you get the coverage you need at the lowest price. 

Car Payment Calculator for New & Used Teslas

Use the car loan calculator to estimate your monthly payments on your Tesla. 

Enter the price of the vehicle, your down payment, any trade-ins you may have, and the loan details to get an estimated cost. 

You can make adjustments to the loan term and interest rate to see what type of financing terms will work best for your budget. 

Figuring out what your monthly payment on a car will be is a great way to start shopping for another vehicle. Small adjustments to the numbers above can have a significant impact on the interest you’ll pay over the life of the loan. 

Be sure to select financing that matches your needs and your budget. 

The estimated monthly payment above is for informational purposes only and does not include taxes, tag, and title fees or insurance premiums. 

How To Calculate Your Monthly Car Payment 

In order to calculate your estimated monthly car payment, you’ll need to know a few basic numbers, including:

  • The total loan amount (the price of the car minus your down payment and any trade-ins or incentives). 
  • The APR (annual percentage rate) or interest rate. (i.e. the cost of borrowing)
  • The loan term (how many months you will be repaying the loan over). 

Those numbers will give you the total principal and interest for the car loan, which you’ll then divide by the length to get your estimated monthly payments. 

You can play around with numbers in the calculator above to figure out what sort of financing will make the most sense for your budget. 

We’ll break down each of the fields in the calculator above so you can better understand what goes into your monthly payment calculation.

Tesla Car Loan VariablesDescription
Purchase price of the carFinal sale price of the vehicle. 
Down paymentThe cash you’ll put down to pay up front.
Trade-in valueThe cash value of a trade-in vehicle you have to sell to a dealership.
Interest RateThe APR of the loan. Rates offered can vary based on a variety of factors.
Loan TermThe length, in months, of the loan. This describes the number of monthly payments you’ll be making until the loan is paid off. 

Other fees to consider when financing a car:

Dealership and Document FeesDealerships will charge extra fees for document preparation and signing. These are generally one-time fees when making the purchase.
State and Local TaxesState and local sales/use taxes typically apply when buying a car. Annual taxes may also apply when you renew your registration.
License Plate and Title FeesTag and title fees are paid to the DMV in order to register the vehicle in your name. These are renewed annually in most states. 
Insurance premiumsFinally, you’ll need to consider the cost to insure the car. Many lenders will require you to maintain full coverage (comprehensive and collision) for the duration of the loan term. 

Whether you’re buying or selling a car, has the free tools and resources to help get your started. Check them out below!

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