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Motorcycle VIN Lookup: Decode any Motorcycle VIN for Free

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How to Check a Motorcycle VIN for Free

Checking a motorcycle VIN has never been easier with VINvaquero.com!

Find specs and details for motorcycles from popular manufactures including:

What Does a Motorcycle VIN Show You?

All motorcycle vehicles manufactured since 1981 will feature a 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN) that can be used to quickly decode information about the vehicle, such as:

  • Location of manufacture and the manufacturing plant.
  • Body type and styling options. 
  • Details about the engine and transmission. 
  • Additional features and add-ons. 

The most common place to find your motorcycle’s VIN will be near the steering neck towards the front of the frame. It will typically both stamped into the frame itself and etched onto the attached VIN plate.

The motorcycle VIN can also be used for:

  • Ordering Vehicle History Reports.
  • Getting the value of a specific motorcycle.
  • Finding motorcycle recalls.
  • Searching for compatible parts for the specific motorcycle year and model. 
  • Learning about the vehicle’s ownership history.
  • Finding out the vehicle’s accident and repair history. 
  • Getting free, customized insurance quotes. 
  • Checking if the motorcycle is stolen. 

Whether you have a motorcycle vehicle you own or are looking to buy one, decoding the VIN and using the VIN for a variety of tasks can come in handy. 

Our free motorcycle VIN decoder is here for you to get started. 

Simply enter your motorcycle VIN into the search bar above to check the global database. We’ll run the search and return all the pertinent information we can find. 

If you have an older VIN from a vehicle that was produced prior to 1981, the VIN decoder may not work. 

What does Each Part of the Motorcycle VIN Stand for?

If you know how to read it, your motorcycle’s VIN can tell you some basic information pretty quickly.

The high level breakdown of a bike’s VIN includes 4 main sections:

  • World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI): Characters 1-3.
  • Vehicle Descriptor Section (VDS). Characters 4-8.
  • Security Check Digit: Character 9.
  • Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS): Character 10-17.

The first 3 digits will tell you where and what manufacturer produced the bike.

Characters 4-8 will include information about the model, engine, body style, and other features.

Character 9 is a security digit to ensure the VIN is accurate.

Character 10 represents the model year.

Character 11 identifies the manufacturing plant.

Characters 12-17 are unique to each individual vehicle and serve as a sort of serial number or unique identifier to tell one vehicle apart from another.

Where to find a VIN on a motorcycle?

Your motorcycle VIN will typically be found in a handful of locations on the bike. The common ones include:

  • On a VIN plate.
  • Stamped onto the frame. 
  • Near the engine. 
  • Under the seat or gas tank.

Additionally, the motorcycle VIN can be found on your DMV and insurance paperwork, such as the:

  • Registration card.
  • Vehicle title. 
  • MCO. 
  • Insurance policy documents. 
  • Insurance ID cards. 

Learn more about how to locate the VIN.

Check that a Motorcycle Isn’t Stolen

A motorcycle VIN is also useful to make sure the bike isn’t stolen.

You can do so by ordering a vehicle history report or using the NICB VIN Check tool.

Learn more about stolen vehicle VIN checks.