Free Odometer Disclosure Statement (Printable PDF)

Odometer Disclosure Statement Instructions

Instructions: This form will help you create a printable odometer disclosure statement form for selling a car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle. Simply enter the necessary information, click generate, and save a PDF or print a copy of your free odometer disclosure.

Sometimes, there will be a section on the vehicle’s title for the Odometer Disclosure Statement. Some state DMVs may provide a form to use, otherwise, you can use a generic form that meets the state and federal odometer disclosure requirements.

If you do not know the details for one of the fields below, you can leave it blank and fill it in later.

Once you generate your custom odometer disclosure form with this template, there will be a section for the buyer’s and seller’s signature.

Both the buyer and the seller should retain a signed copy for their own records. The DMV will typically require the original.

Have you created a bill of sale yet? If not, you can do that using our free bill of sale form.

Enter the first name, last name, and current address for the seller of the vehicle.


Enter the first name, last name, and current address for the buyer of the vehicle.


Enter the vehicle’s details including the vehicle identification number, license plate number, year, make, model, and current odometer reading, if applicable.

Vehicle Details

Complete the Odometer Disclosure Details. The certification statement is on the next page.

Odometer Disclosure