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How to Check Recalls on your Car

Welcome to the free recall lookup tool. 

Here you’ll be able to search for active and past recalls by VIN or by entering your vehicle’s year make and model. 

In many cases, you’ll receive a notification directly from your vehicle’s manufacturer when a recall has been issued. But, you can check for open recalls yourself at any time.

Checking for past and open recalls on your car is easy!

Simply enter your 17-digit VIN in the search field above or enter the model year, make, and model for your car, truck or motorcycle. 

Find out where to locate the VIN number here. You’ll usually be able to find it on your dashboard, door jamb, insurance policy, and registration documents.

Recall information comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). You can also search for recalls through the NHTSA or by downloading the SafeCar app.

The NHTSA recall database covers all recalls since 1949, and is updated daily. 

If your vehicle has an open recall, be sure to follow the instruction and take it to your local dealership to get it repaired as soon as possible.

Guide to Vehicle Recalls – What to Do If Your Car Has a Recall

NHTSA Recall Details

You’ll find the following key pieces of information in the NHTSA recall database:

  • The affected vehicle’s year, make, model, and manufacturer. 
  • The date that the recall was reported. 
  • The component or part that is affected by the recall. 
  • A summary for the years/models affected and the issue caused by the recall. 
  • The potential consequence/danger if the component malfunctions. 
  • The solution to get the recall fixed or to find more information. 
  • Contact information for the NHTSA.