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Lookup Recalls by VIN

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How to Lookup Saturn Recalls

Use the free Saturn recall lookup tool to find all active and past recalls for Saturn models.  

Here you’ll be able to search for recalls by VIN or by entering your Saturn’s year and model. 

Simply enter your 17-digit VIN in the search field above or enter the model year, make, and model for your car, truck or motorcycle. 

Find out where to locate the VIN number here. 

Recall information comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

NHTSA Saturn Recall Details

You’ll find the following key pieces of information in the NHTSA recall database:

  • The affected vehicle’s year, make, model, and manufacturer. 
  • The date that the recall was reported. 
  • The component or part that is affected by the recall. 
  • A summary for the years/models affected and the issue caused by the recall. 
  • The potential consequence/danger if the component malfunctions. 
  • The solution to get the recall fixed or to find more information. 
  • Contact information for the NHTSA. 

Saturn recalls can include anything from airbags to electrical components. 

When a recall is issued, you should be sure to get your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. Continuing to drive it could result in a crash, injury, or death. 

Which Saturn models have a recall?

Saturn and the manufacturers of a model’s specific components issue recalls based on the vehicle identification number (VIN), which may encompass a subset or the entirety of a particular model year and model.  

By providing a VIN, you can check to see whether your vehicle is affected by a specific recall. 

How do I know if my Saturn has a recall?

When Saturn issues a recall campaign, it is required to notify the registered owners of the vehicles included. 

You should receive a recall notice in the mail with details about the recall and the steps you should take to fix it. 

Alternatively, you can search by VIN or year, make, model to find a list and details of all past and active Saturn recalls. 

What should you do if your Saturn has a recall?

If your Saturn has an active recall, you should take the steps to get it repaired as soon as possible. 

Contact your local dealership to schedule recall service. 

Manufacturers are required to provide the replacement part or repair service for free when a recall is issued. 

If your Saturn dealership refuses, you should contact the manufacturer directly. 

How long will your Saturn recall take?

All recalls are a little different. 

How long yours will take to repair will depend on the nature of the recall and how many vehicles are affected. 

Contact your local Saturn dealership or Saturn for more information. 

Saturn Model Recall Lookup

Use the Recall Lookup tool to find past and active recalls on all Saturn models including:

  • Astra
  • Aura
  • Ion
  • L200
  • L300
  • LS
  • LS1
  • LS2
  • LW1
  • LW2
  • LW200
  • LW300
  • Outlook
  • Relay
  • SATURN2016
  • SATURN2019
  • SC1
  • SC2
  • Sky
  • SL
  • SL1
  • SL2
  • SL3
  • SW1
  • SW2
  • Vue

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