Kia K5 Safety Rating

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Kia K5 Crash Safety Rating Overview

Refer to the chart below to compare NHTSA overall crash safety ratings for tested model years of the K5 below. 

Model YearK5 ModelNHTSA Overall Rating
2021K5 4 DR FWD5 star
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2021 Kia K5 4 DR FWDSafety Rating

NHTSA 5-Star Crash Safety Rating

Overall Rating5/5
Front Crash Rating4/5
Side Crash Rating5/5
Rollover Rating4/5
Forward Collision WarningOptional
Lane Departure WarningStandard
Electronic Stability ControlStandard

What does a Kia 5-star safety rating mean?

For the NHTSA crash safety tests, a 5-star scale is used to evaluate a vehicle’s performance. 

The more stars in a particular category, the better the Kia model performed and the safer it is. 

The IIHS vehicle safety program awards Top Safety picks with a rating criteria of Good to Poor. 

You can learn more about crash safety ratings here: Guide to Vehicle Crash Test Safety Ratings

More Free Resources to Find the Right Kia For You

If you’re researching the K5, has plenty of resources to help you.

You can use the Kia recalls lookup for more information on any recalls that were detected in the database. 

You can also find a car’s safety ratings on the window sticker at the dealership. 

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After that, be sure to compare some free insurance quotes to see how much it will cost to insure your K5 or whatever vehicle you decide to buy. 

Our form templates and form generator can help you get your paperwork together if you’re buying or selling a K5 privately. They’re 100% free and easy to use:

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