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How to Install a Kill Switch on a Car

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Installing a hidden kill switch on your vehicle can be a good addition to your security measures to prevent your car from being stolen.

If you’re able to do it yourself, the job is relatively quick and inexpensive.

Can you install a kill switch in a car?

Yes, assuming you’ve got the wiring know-how or are able to hire someone to do it, you can install a kill switch in your car.

As an anti-theft deterrent, a hidden kill switch in your car or truck can serve as another layer of security to prevent would-be thieves – even if they have the keys!

Steps To Installing a Kill Switch in Your Car

Your first step will be to decide what kind of kill switch you will install. Your main options include:

  • Installing a kill switch on the fuel pump relay.
  • Installing a kill switch to the ignition relay.
  • Installing a kill switch to the battery.

Whichever method you go with, you’ll essentially be installing a relay switch between the wires that deliver power to the system. When the kill is engaged, power will not be delivered and the car won’t start.

Since each car’s wiring harness and wiring locations are different, you should refer to your vehicle’s service manual and wiring diagram.

You’ll need the following tools, parts, and materials to complete the job:

  • A relay switch.
  • Wire cutters and crimpers.
  • Crimp connectors.
  • Heat shrink.
  • 16 or 14 gauge wire.

Before you start working on the wiring or cutting any wires, you’ll need to disconnect the car battery.

To complete the job, you’ll need to refer to your wiring harness diagram to determine which wire delivers power to the system you plan to install the kill switch on.

Once you’ve identified the correct wire, you’ll need to splice in your kill switch.

With the kill switch wired into the circuit, the trigger should control the current to the unit you’re interrupting.

Before you clean up and get everything back together, you’ll need to reconnect the battery and test that the kill switch works as it should.

Next, select a location to hide and mount the kill switch.

Where should you hide the kill switch in you car?

Maybe one of the hardest parts of the job is decided where to hide your kill switch.

Remember, no ant-theft system or tactic is 100% effective. The goal is to provide the thief with enough obstacles that stealing your vehicle is too much of a hassle or will take too much time.

In order for the kill switch to be effective, you’ll need to choose a location that isn’t obvious or easy to find. However, you’ll also want to put it somewhere that it won’t be too inconvenient for you to start up and drive your car everyday.

Some popular positions for a hidden kill switch include:

  • Under the seat.
  • In the glove box.
  • In the center console.
  • Near the shifter.

Note that you should have some experience working with your vehicle’s wiring before attempting a job like this. And you should definitely have access to the wiring diagram. If you don’t know what you’re cutting or moving, and if you don’t know how to splice and connect wires, you may still prevent your car from being stolen because it won’t run. Modify your vehicle at your own risk.