Cost to Replace Your Car’s Side Mirror

It’s easy to take your car’s side mirror for granted.

You use it so much while driving, you probably don’t even really give it a second thought.

It’s one of those things that you likely don’t realize how important it is until it’s gone. 

If you have a broken side mirror, it could be very inconvenient for your driving, and unsafe.

A bad door mirror is something you’re going to want to fix pretty fast.

While it might seem like replacing a side mirror could be fast and cheap, the truth is it can be pricier than you might expect. 

And, driving with at least 1 side mirror in many states can result in a traffic ticket!

Side View Mirror Replacement Cost Estimate 

Depending on your car and the parts needed, replacing a side mirror could cost between $150 to $350.

If you have a power side mirror with a faulty motor, you can expect the replacement to be towards the higher end of the price rang as they repair will involve cables and electrical components.

Labor to replace a mirror is fairly minor and will be a small fraction of the total cost of the replacement. 

Costs start adding up when the design of the side mirror is built into the door’s trim or other body panels.

Can a Broken Side Mirror Be Repaired?

Not all broken mirrors need to be completely replaced.

If it’s a matter of just having a cracked or shattered mirror or a mirror that’s lost its adhesive, you likely will be able to just replace the mirror glass.

If your power mirror isn’t working when you try to make adjustments, it could be due to a blown fuse.

Simply replacing the fuse could fix the problem. There could also be loose wiring that needs to be properly reconnected. 

If the mirror’s casing is damaged, the mirror assembly may still be completely intact and working fine. In this case, you’ll just need to replace the casing.

Note that mirror casings typically come in black, meaning you may need to have them painted to match your car’s color. It may be easier to find a color-matching mirror case through a dealership. 

Can You Replace Your Car’s Side Mirror Yourself?

In general, replacing a side mirror is one of the simpler car-related jobs. There are a ton of videos and tutorials you can find online to help you try to figure out how to do it yourself. But should you?

If you are particularly handy and you have a good set of tools, you may want to try replacing your side mirror yourself.

Just keep in mind that a mirror replacement often means some disassembly and reassembly of your door panel.

As with any job, there are safety issues you need to consider. For instance, glass-only replacement is a popular DIY job, but be especially mindful of broken glass that could cut you.

Given that replacing a side mirror is not the most demanding job, labor costs aren’t exceptionally high.

With that in mind, it might be worth it to skip trying the job yourself and leave it to the pros in order to get the best result.

Remember, the professionals do this stuff everyday – if you’re trying to replace your mirror the one odd time it breaks, the room for error is much higher.

Does Insurance Cover a Mirror Replacement?

If you have comprehensive and collision coverage and your mirror was damaged by an accident or unforeseen incident, your insurance will likely cover a mirror replacement.

Though, with average replacement costs typically not exceeding $300, you need a pretty low deductible for insurance to even kick in on the replacement.

Most people have a $500 deductible on their full coverage car insurance. If you fall in that group, you’d be responsible for any repairs under $500.