What does a Ziplock Bag over your car mirror do?

Have you noticed cars with ziplock bags over their mirrors and wondered why?

There are a lot of hoaxes floating around about this—from it being done to prevent break-ins or it being an indication of the presence of sex trafficking.

Learn the truth on why people do this and how you may be able to benefit from it.

Why do people put plastic bags over their car mirrors?

People put plastic bags on their car mirrors to prevent ice or snow from forming on them.

It can also protect your mirrors from cracking in the cold weather.

While the most effective way to prevent ice buildup in the face of a cold weather storm is to park inside, not everybody has that luxury.

If you park outside and want to have a better morning after an icy rain, consider this hack.

It will save you the time on scraping ice off your mirrors when you’re already in a rush.

How to Use a Ziplock Bag to Prevent Snow & Ice Buildup on Your Mirrors

Purchase large, gallon-sized Ziplock bags and simply slip them over your mirrors overnight or whenever your car will be sitting through a storm.

This will prevent ice and snow from sticking to them directly.

In the morning, simply take them off and you’ll be good to go without the need to scrape them.

IMPORTANT: Remember to take them off before you drive so you don’t get pulled over for having an obstructed view. (And so you can actually use your mirrors).

Misinformation on Ziplock Bags Over Car Mirrors

Rumors have recently spread that Ziplock bags on car windows are a red flag for women to look out for as a sign of sex trafficking or kidnapping.

While police have not reported any evidence of this, clickbait ads are taking advantage of people’s curiosity on the subject.

Another alleged use of plastic bags on mirrors is to cover them and thus make it harder for thieves to see inside your car.

The thinking is if they can’t see valuables in your car, they are less likely to break in. This hack is debatable, as it may attract more unwanted attention to your car.