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How to Use this Free Vehicle History Report’s free sample vehicle history report will allow you to unlock an overview of a vehicle history report along with useful specs and details for the car, truck, or motorcycle you’re interested in.

All you’ll need to do is enter a 17-digit VIN in the field above and click the button.

You can learn more about how to find your VIN here. If you can’t find it, you can try to use our free license plate lookup.

If there’s a match for the VIN you provided in the database, you’ll see your results.

What’s Included in the Sample Report?

This sample vehicle history report is a great place to start if you’re interested in buying or selling a used car.

The results will provide you with a quick overview of the vehicle’s details and history, which will allow you to decide whether you should purchase the full report.

The information you’ll get back includes:

  • The specs and details about the vehicle.
  • Last known odometer reading.
  • Last known sale price.
  • Any flags for auction records, damage reports, or odometer discrepancies.
  • Details for each sale record found in the database.

If any of the damage, auction, or odometer checks shows results, it may be a smart idea to order the full report.

You can learn more about vehicle history reports and how to use them in our VIN and Vehicle History Report guides.