Salvage Title in Alaska

If a vehicle has been involved in an accident and declared to be a total loss by the owner or the insurance company, the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles will brand it with a salvage title. 

Generally, a salvage title car cannot be driven on public roads in Alaska until it has been adequately repaired, inspected, rebranded as “rebuilt” or “revived”, registered, and insured. 

This page will cover the salvage title process in Alaska, and provide you with tips on how to get a salvage vehicle back on the road. 

For official information or questions about your specific situation, please contact your local Alaska DMV office or visit the official DMV website:

What is a Salvage Title in Alaska?

Like many other states, a salvage title in Alaska means that the vehicle has been reported to the DMV to be a total loss, wrecked, or damaged to the point where it is no longer roadworthy. 

Alaska salvage title cars cannot be driven until they have been repaired and inspected. 

If a vehicle has been declared as a “parts only” vehicle, it will not be able to be titled or registered again. “Parts Only” title brands indicate that the vehicle has been too badly damaged beyond repair for safe highway use. 

How to Get a Salvage Title Cleared in Alaska

If an Alaska vehicle has been deemed to be a total loss, it will need to be repaired and inspected before it can be driven again. 

These are what the state of Alaska considers to be “reconstructed” vehicles. 

Reconstructed vehicles are defined as being materially altered from original by the removal, addition, or substitution of essential parts including the chassis, body, and engine. However, replacing only the engine does not qualify as a reconstructed vehicle. 

To apply for a reconstructed title for your salvage vehicle, you’ll need to submit the following to your local DMV office:

  • Titles and or Bills of Sales for the vehicles and major components that we used in the repairs. 
  • A completed inspection certificate. Reconstructed vehicle and VIN inspections are performed by law enforcement or a DMV representative.  
  • Any applicable lien releases. 
  • A completed Reconstructed Vehicle Affidavit (Form 829): 

After the vehicle has passed the inspection, you’ll be able to register and title it again. 

Register a Salvage Title Car in Alaska

To register a reconstructed salvage vehicle in Alaska, you’ll need to:

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