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Looking for information about a vehicle’s VIN? Need more details about a vehicle history report (VHR)? 

This section will have everything you need to find the answers, links, and resources necessary to make completing your task easy. provides a number of articles, free online tools, and form templates related to vehicle identification numbers and vehicle history reports.

We’ll help you find the answers specific to you, your vehicle, and your situation, and provide you with the tools and next steps to help you complete your tasks. 

Find the links to what you’re looking for below. 

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Forms & Tools

Check out our free online tools, custom form templates, and more related to VINs.

Free VIN Decoders by Vehicle Type

Free VIN Decoders by Make & Manufacturer

Vehicle Identification Number Information & FAQs

Looking for more information about the VIN? 

We’ve compiled the most common questions and answers from visitors like you, and we have simplified the most important information on the topic to help get you where you’re going. 

What is a VIN Number?

What Does a VIN Number Tell You?

How to Read a VIN Number

VIN Year Chart

How Long is a VIN Number?

Where is the VIN Located? Cars, Motorcycle, Trailers

Is it Safe to Give Out the VIN Number?

Vehicle Specs by VIN

VIN Country Codes

What is VIN Etching?

How to Trace a VIN Number on Paper

How to Get a Replacement VIN Plate

How to Get a VIN Number for a Homemade Trailer

How to Get a VIN Number for a Custom Vehicle

How to Find Paint Code by VIN

Vehicle History Report Information & FAQs

Looking for more information about vehicle history reports? 

Free Sample Vehicle History Report

Guide to Vehicle History Reports

How to Get a Vehicle History Report

DMV Vehicle Records

Vehicle History Report Terms and Meanings

What is a VIN Report?

How to Check a Motorcycle VIN

Check for a Stolen Vehicle by VIN

What is a VIN Verification?

How to Find License Plate Number by VIN