VIN Country Codes (Quick Lookup & Reference)

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There is a lot of information that the VIN can tell you about a specific vehicle. 

From vehicle specs to vehicle history reports, your car’s VIN can be a powerful tool. 

In addition to the model year, model, and make, one of the first things you can learn about a vehicle with its VIN number is where the vehicle was made

This page will provide you with an overview of decoding where your car was manufactured by using the VIN. 

How to Find the Country Code by VIN

One of the easiest methods for determining where a car was made is by using the VIN. 

By decoding the vehicle identification number or referring to the VIN country code chart below, you can quickly determine:

  • The country where your car was built. 
  • The manufacture of the vehicle.
  • The city, state, and manufacturing plant where the vehicle was assembled. 

The first 3 characters of a VIN are known as the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI).

The combinations tells you which country the vehicle was made in and which vehicle manufacturer produced it.

You can refer to the country code chart below, or use our free VIN decoder to find out where you vehicle was made.

What digit of the VIN is the country code?

The first 3 characters of the VIN are known as the World Manufacturer Identifier, or WMI. 

These 3 numbers can be used to determine which manufacturer built the vehicle and where in the world it was built. 

The first digit of the VIN represents the country of origin. 

The second digit describes the manufacturer and location. 

The third digit describes the type of vehicle. 

VIN Country Codes

If you’re interested to see whether your vehicle was assembled in a particular manufacturer’s North America, South America, Europe, or Asia plants, you can easily do so by checking the VIN country code.

Refer to the table below to find out which country your vehicle was manufactured in. 

Simply refer to the first 3 digits of your VIN and reference the table below to get the answer. 

Alternatively, you can enter your vehicle identification number into our free VIN decoder to get all the information you need. 

VIN CodeCountry of Origin
1, 4, 5United States
3X-37Costa Rica
38-39Cayman Islands
7New Zealand
9X-92Trinidad & Tobago
AA- AHSouth Africa
AJ – ANCote d’Ivoire
BA – BEAngola
BF- BKKenya
BL- BRTanzania
CA- CEBenin
CF- CKMadagascar
CL- CRTunisia
DA- DEEgypt
DF- DKMorocco
DL- DRZambia
EA- EEEthiopia
EF- EKMozambique
FA- FEGhana
FF- FKNigeria
KA- KESri- Lanka
KF- KKIsrael
KL- KRSouth Korea
KS- K0Kazakhstan
MA- MEIndia
ML- MRThailand
MS- M0Myanmar
NA- NEIran
NF- NKPakistan
NL- NRTurkey
PA- PEPhilippines
PF- PKSingapore
PL- PRMalaysia
RA- REUnited Arab Emirates
RF- RKTaiwan
RL- RRVietnam
RS- R0Saudi Arabia
SA- SMUnited Kingdom
SN- STGermany
SU- SZPoland
S1- S4Latvia
TA- THSwitzerland
TJ- TPCzech Republic
TR- TVHungary
TW- T1Portugal
UH- UMDenmark
UN- UTIreland
UU- UZRomania
U5- U7Slovakia
VA- VEAustria
VF- VRFrance
VS- VWSpain
VX- V2Serbia
V3- V5Croatia
V6- V0Estonia
XA- XEBulgaria
XF- XKGreece
XL- XRNetherlands
XS- XWRussia
XX- X2Luxembourg

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