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If you want to run a vehicle history report or decode the VIN, you’ll need to find it first. 

This guide will go over the common places you can find your VIN. 

How to Find the VIN

In order to decode the VIN, you’ll need to find it first.

Luckily, locating the VIN is easy. There are a few standard physical locations to check on cars, trucks, and motorcycles as well as some documents where you can usually find the number written down

On your vehicle, the VIN will typically be stamped onto the frame or body itself or affixed with a VIN plate, depending on the location. 

You can also find the VIN on your paperwork and documents, such as:

If you still can’t find your VIN, you can use our free license plate lookup. If there’s a match in the database, you can find the VIN number with the license plate number.

Where is the VIN Number on a Car?

Where is the VIN number on a car?
Where is the VIN on a passenger car or truck?

On a passenger car or truck, the most common places where you can locate the VIN include:

  • On the lower driver’s side dashboard or windshield.
  • On the inside of the door jamb. 
  • Under the hood near the front of the engine.
  • On the underside of the rear wheel well. 
  • Under the spare tire.  

Found the car’s VIN? Use our Car VIN Decoder to find out the details.

How Many VIN Numbers are on a Car?

The total number of VINs on your car will vary, but most cars will have the VIN stamped or affixed to the car in at least 3 to 4 of the locations listed above.

Where is the VIN on a Motorcycle?

Where is the VIN on a motorcycle?
Where is the VIN on a motorcycle?

On a motorcycle, you’ll usually find the VIN stamped onto the steering neck of the frame. 

You may also find it located on the bottom of the frame near the engine mounts. 

Sometimes, your motorcycle’s engine will have an engine VIN stamped onto the cases. The engine VIN may or may not match the frame VIN. 

Some states, like California, may ask for the engine VIN when your title and register your motorcycle. 

In most states, however, the DMV will ask for the VIN that is stamped to the frame when you register and title the bike. 

Found it? Use our Motorcycle VIN Decoder to look it up.

Where are VIN Numbers Located on Trailers?

On trailers and 5th wheels, the VIN can typically be found:

  • On a VIN plate attached to the trailer tongue or near the hitch. 
  • Stamped on the frame near the axel. 
  • Stamped on the frame near the wheel well. 
  • Stamped towards the front of the trailer on the driver’s side.

In the case of a camper trailer or RV, you can also find the VIN on the inside of one of the cabinets or door frames. 

Lookup your trailer and RV VINs with our: